NXGen Hospitality,  LLC

NXGen Hospitality is a premier real estate investment and development firm that seeks best in class developments.  As an opportunistic developer, NXGen specializes in senior housing, hotel development and accretive commercial opportunities.  We pursue projects in select markets, where our core proficiencies and investment strategies are implemented. This creates opportunities that mean exceptional risk adjusted returns for our investors and partners.   With a high level of expertise in development—including analysis, acquisition, entitlement, planning, construction, operation and sale—we strive to deliver top quality projects with superior financial performance.

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In addition to high quality senior housing and commercial projects, NXGen Hospitality develops major branded hotels in cities across the western United States.  Current developments include exclusive agreements with major boutique hotels in four key western cities: Austin, Tex., Scottsdale, Ariz., San Diego, Calif. and Sacramento, Calif.    We are also currently developing smaller hotel projects that use other highly recognizable flags in Pacific Grove, Calif., and San Antonio, Tex.